You can probably identify churches known for their deep teaching. And maybe you know other churches known for their dynamic music. And maybe another church in your town has the best mercy ministry, or youth group, or outreach program.

No church is perfect, and no church is going to excel in every area. But The Gospel Coalition’s Theological Vision for Ministry calls for churches that bring together what’s often separated. We call for churches that engage the arts and emphasize repentance. We call for churches with winsome and theologically substantial preaching that also make room for the poor and marginalized. Is such a movement of gospel-centered churches possible? When the statement was written in 2007, TGC’s Council admitted such churches are relatively rare. Are they still rare today?

On this episode of The Gospel Coalition Podcast, I’m joined by Kevin DeYoung, TGC’s board chairman and longtime blogger. We discussed holiness, history, hopefulness, and much more.

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