In the United States, more women than men go to church. The reasons are varied, of course, but churches need to think deeply and purposefully about how to raise up male leaders.

Jonathan Leeman asked two TGC Council members, John Onwuchekwa and Juan Sánchez, how their churches go about discipling and training men in the faith. They discussed the need to give certain men (besides the pastor) opportunities for teaching and leadership. Pastors must avoid the temptation to micromanage everything in the church—instead giving other men chances to lead things they initiate.

Onwuchekwa says, “Our church has been really impacted by Paul’s words to Titus: ‘Encourage the young men to be self-controlled’ (Titus 2:6). And as I grew up, lots of talks about manhood start with discouragement. And I’ve just found that you never discourage anybody to faithfulness. You can’t shame them into being self-controlled. And so it starts with us just trying to praise what we want to see more of in young men.”

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