What’s the reaction to salvation, to believing the good news of Jesus’s death and resurrection for sinners? Worship! Especially when gathered together with others who have been transferred from darkness into light. Once we were hostile to God, enslaved by our sin. Now we know God intimately and delight in his character! We pray as those who know God is near. We read his Word as written for us and for our salvation, now with eyes enlightened by the Holy Spirit.

This process I’ve just described doesn’t change from believer to believer. But how we express this transformation and truth looks quite different from place to place around the world and sometimes within the same city. So is there any right or wrong way to worship? Is any particular musical style more empowered than the other? Should churches mainly seek to attract nonbelievers or to teach believers?

Continuing our series on The Gospel Coalition’s Theological Vision for Ministry, I asked these question of Jared Wilson, my guest on today’s episode of The Gospel Coalition Podcast. Wilson is a professor at Spurgeon College in Kansas City, author in residence at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a blogger for The Gospel Coalition. He is also the writer and presenter of Gospel Shaped Worship, a small-group video and book study published by TGC with The Good Book Company. It’s based on point one—empowered corporate worship—from TGC’s five points of gospel-centered ministry.

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