“We don’t persevere in order to be saved. We persevere because we have been saved. God has made it possible for us to maintain faithfulness to Jesus, and God is invested in our faithfulness to him.” –– Glenna Marshall

At TGCW21, Glenna Marshall delivers a practical message on how to be faithful in the small things, noting that it takes time to see spiritual growth. Perseverance and faithfulness are only possible in the Christian life with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Teaching through Hebrews 10, Marshall outlines three calls to action in pursuing and maintaining faithfulness:

1. Let us draw near to God and pray.

2. Let us hold fast to the gospel—we cannot grow apart from the Scriptures.

3. Let us not neglect meeting together and encouraging one another.

Being faithful in these ways allows us to remain connected to the vine and continue growing in Christ as we wait for his return.