Sometimes, when a person starts to understand Reformed theology and the sovereignty of God for the first time, it can confuse her prayer life. If God has already determined what is going to happen, why pray? Yet God’s Word commands us to pray! The Bible clearly doesn’t see a contradiction between God’s absolute sovereignty and the fact that he works through our prayers.

On this episode of Let’s Talk, Jackie Hill Perry, Jasmine Holmes, and Melissa Kruger talk about why we don’t pray sometimes—and why we should. Jackie points out that Jesus, who knew God better than anyone else, was very, very prayerful. Prayer draws us close to God, even when he says “no” to something we ask for. Melissa says, “Being a parent has taught me I’d rather say ‘yes’ to my kids. I would rather do that most of the time. And when I say no, it’s typically for their good. It’s because I don’t want them to get hurt. I see things they can’t. And so the nice thing about the Lord is he sees things we can’t.”

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