Wounds inflicted in the church can surprise us, since we expect other Christians to act in godly ways. When they don’t, it might make us question not only their faith, but our own. In this episode of Let’s Talk, Jasmine Holmes, Melissa Kruger, and Jackie Hill Perry talk about their own experiences in working through church hurt. Whether it’s the pressure put on a pastor’s kid to be perfect or the moral failure of a church leader, church hurt may follow us for the rest of our lives. But that doesn’t mean God can’t use it for good. It also doesn’t mean we should stay away from church. As Jackie says in this discussion, “What healed me from church hurt was the church.”

Our hosts discuss:

  • Church hurt is a thing (1:44)
  • Experiences with church hurt (3:31)
  • How church hurt impacts peoples’ lives (7:03)
  • The weight of relationships within the church (9:50)
  • How to deal with church hurt (14:10)
  • Spotting abuse and other signs of an unhealthy church (23:25)
  • Dealing with an unrepentant person in your church (27:31)
  • The church as a blessing (32:40)
  • One of their favorite things (36:48)

We hope you are enjoying these conversations on applying biblical wisdom to everyday life. If so, please tell your friends about it and invite them to listen!

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