The Author

John Dickson (PhD, Ancient History) is the author of numerous books, including The Christ Files (Zondervan) and If I Were God, I’d Make Myself Clearer (Matthias Media). He is senior research fellow in the Department of Ancient History (Macquarie University), co-director of the Centre for Public Christianity, and senior minister of St Andrew’s Church Roseville in Sydney. He is married to Elizabeth and has three children.

Deliver Us from 21st-Century Blindspots

More than once, my friends and colleagues have raised a question mark over the study of history or historical background of the Bible. They

The Myths of Progress and Relevance

As we present the timeless good news to a

The Christ Files: Why Historical Questions Aren’t Going Anywhere 
and Shouldn’t Trouble Us Anyway

Whatever its explanation and significance, the life of Jesus