The Author

John Dickson (PhD, Ancient History) is the author of numerous books, including The Christ Files (Zondervan) and If I Were God, I’d Make Myself Clearer (Matthias Media). He is senior research fellow in the Department of Ancient History (Macquarie University), co-director of the Centre for Public Christianity, and senior minister of St Andrew’s Church Roseville in Sydney. He is married to Elizabeth and has three children.

Deliver Us from 21st-Century Blindspots

More than once, my friends and colleagues have raised a question mark over the study of history or historical background of the Bible. They

The Myths of Progress and Relevance

As we present the timeless good news to a

The Christ Files: Why Historical Questions Aren’t Going Anywhere 
and Shouldn’t Trouble Us Anyway

Despite predictions about postmodernism doing away with supposedly “modernist” questions about objective facts, questions about the Jesus of history continue to be thrown at