In a world that is noisier than ever, we want to be a trusted voice directing you toward the God of the gospel. We want to be a place where your Sunday school and small group can dig deeper together, a place where you can discover the best lectures and books and essays to enrich your spiritual life. One of the core ways The Gospel Coalition serves the church is by providing biblically faithful web-based content for personal and group use.

So, today, we are excited to introduce you to a brand-new and totally free online learning platform.

TGC Courses Are:

  1. Trustworthy – All course content abides by our Foundation Documents.
  2. Easy – The site design is clutter-free, simple, and mobile-friendly.
  3. Free – These courses are free of charge, free of ads. No signups, logins, or payments are required.
  4. Shareable – Each section of each course has a unique URL, making it easy to share with classmates and friends.
  5. Varied – We have partnered with dozens of your most trusted publishers, seminaries, ministries, and others to co-produce hundreds of courses on a range of subjects. Whether you’re a novice or expert, you’ll find material suitable for your learning level.
  6. Current – Our curators are always looking for the latest and most relevant material.
  7. Web Integrated – Courses are connected to TGC articles, blogs, podcasts, and videos.

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Partner with Us

We will be adding Bible studies, curriculum, bibliographies, reading guides, book summaries, and other types of content in addition to courses. Expect to see content in the courses continue to strengthen and for new courses to be added. Even Spanish-language courses are on the horizon.

If you would like to get your content added into these courses, please email me. If you would like to help support this work, you can donate here.