You Are Not What You Eat

Amie Patrick on Health, Body Image, and Contentment in Christ

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Body image and BMI, health and nutrition, exercise and eating habits—these topics bombard us each time we turn on the TV, flip through a magazine, or surf the web. Advertisers clamor to convince us that we’ll only get the good life once we get mastery over our bodies and appetites. We’ll be inferior, it’s suggested, if we don’t have this or look like that. Given our proclivity to find fulfillment in things other than Jesus, we consume their products without even realizing what’s happening. Obsessing over how we look and what we eat, we end up caring about meeting the beauty standards airbrushed onto magazine covers more than honoring our Savior with our bodies.

In this new video, Amie Patrick talks with Mark Mellinger about what it looks like for Christians to have a healthy body image as well as the heart issues that often cause us to look for comfort outside of the gospel. Patrick, co-author (with her husband, Darrin) of the forthcoming book The Dude’s Guide to Marriage: Ten Skills Every Husband Must Develop to Love His Wife Well (Thomas Nelson, November 2015), considers the place of exercise in the Christian life, common misconceptions among believers, and much more.