Should the Pro-life Cause Encompass ‘Womb to Tomb’ or Focus on the Womb?

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Sometimes pro-life activists are criticized for caring about vulnerable life in the womb but caring little about vulnerable lives outside the womb. Is this a fair critique, and are there ways the pro-life movement should be more expansive in its efforts to celebrate the sanctity of life? For Christians, do the theological and moral foundations of the pro-life argument (e.g., imago Dei) call us to align with other causes (e.g., fighting racism, social injustice, or climate change) that might break rank with political coalitions typically aligned with pro-life policy? Or is there an argument to be made that a narrowly focused pro-life movement is essential and that expanding its focus can be counterproductive?

These and related questions are addressed in this debate between Scott Klusendorf and Karen Swallow Prior. Klusendorf and Swallow Prior share their respective arguments and engage in a discussion moderated by Jim Davis, teaching pastor at Orlando Grace Church.

This debate is part of TGC’s Good Faith Debates series. When we keep the gospel central, we can disagree on lesser but still important matters in good faith. In the Good Faith Debates, we hope to model this—showing that it’s possible for two Christians united around the gospel to engage in winsome, charitable conversation even amid substantive disagreement.