Your friend is gushing about that book she’s been reading. It’s on the Christian Living bestseller list, but for whatever reason you suspect the book is more influenced by the spirit of the age than by a biblical worldview.

This is the scenario Noël Piper (author of Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God), Gloria Furman (author of Missional Motherhood [review]), and Kathleen Nielson (director of women’s initiatives for TGC and co-editor of Word-Filled Women’s Ministry) tackle in this new six-minute roundtable video.

Piper talks about how to start a constructive conversation by asking good questions. Furman suggests steering friends with limited time to more edifying books. Nielson cautions against the overcorrection of reading only the Bible, since reading widely can actually enhance Bible reading, and Piper warns against becoming the kind of reader who only reads books from your own “tribe.”

Watch (or listen below) as these three women discuss how to foster spiritual discernment in reading through friendship.