In his message at TGC21, Lloyd Kim defines social justice as giving equity, fairness, and inalienable rights to all people, and he explains why the gospel is included as a right. Kim gives five objections and solutions for why Christians might not be answering the call to global missions.

Objection 1: Mission work is associated with colonialism and imperialism.

Solution: Christians should be honest about our generational sin in this and lament the past mistakes moving forward.

Objection 2: Local missions are more important than global missions.

Solution: When unreached people come to the United States, they then have access to Christian resources, but those in unreached countries still do not. We must go to them.

Objection 3: Raising support is overwhelming.

Solution: Trusting God for his provision in missions is faith-building, and raising support allows for God’s people to participate in the Great Commission when they can’t go themselves.

Objection 4: Short-term mission trips aren’t enough.

Solution: Short-term missions don’t allow time to build relationships that are necessary for discipling new believers, but they do allow opportunity for people to feel a call to full-time missions. Therefore they’re still valuable.

Objection 5: Bi-vocational missions are complicated.

Solution: Going on mission primarily through a job doesn’t allow the time or support needed as a missionary—unless one connects to a mission organization and gains the needed support and prayer. Support is essential.

In addressing all these roadblocks to missions, Kim provides encouragement to answer the call to the Great Commission and bring Jesus to the unreached.