You can hardly watch a TV show or listen to a podcast without someone telling you how to spend, save, or invest your money. While most Christians recognize they shouldn’t live to make money, they too often fall short of glorifying God with their money.

Carl Ellis, Phillip Holmes, and David Platt sat down to talk about the need for Christians to spend, save, and give their money with intentionality. “We live in a culture that is not telling us how to biblically handle our money,” Platt says. But it’s vital to spend, save, and give money with intentionality, since “our money is a reflection of where our heart is.”

Holmes talks about how, as newlyweds, he and his wife thought the answer to money problems was to make more money. Later, when they were earning more, they realized that they were never going to be intentional about their finances without a budget. “When you budget, you’re actually, intentionally telling your money what to do. You’re taking dominion over your money as opposed to letting your money take dominion over you.”