Not many books of the Bible are more commonly misunderstood than Esther. And not many are more relevant for our time, either.

Mike Cosper says the Old Testament book of Esther is less VeggieTales and more Game of Thrones, with its story of sex, murder, and impaling. But the book’s message is all hope. As Cosper writes in his new book, Faith Among the Faithless: Learning from Esther How to Live in a World Gone Mad, “Even in the darkest moments, when God seems absent, we can trust that he hasn’t abandoned us.”

Cosper is executive director of Harbor Media, a non-profit media company serving Christians in a post-Christian world, and a longtime TGC contributor. He joined me on The Gospel Coalition Podcast to talk about pluralism, Esther as victim or complicit, faithful presence, turning the tables on power, love and death, and more.

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