How to Create a Culture of Evangelism in Your Church

How to Create a Culture of Evangelism in Your Church

J.D. Greear, Stephen Um, and Erik Raymond discuss how pastors can create a culture of evangelism in their churches.

As Christians, we know that engaging unbelievers with the gospel ought to mark our lives. We know Jesus’s command to “make disciples” is for all believers, not just pastors and missionaries. But many of us struggle to apply this knowledge. How does sharing your faith become a way of life? How can church leaders create among their people an evangelistic culture rather than just another evangelistic program?

That’s the question on the table in this podcast episode. Listen as pastors J. D. Greear (The Summit Church in Durham, North Carolina), Erik Raymond (Emmaus Bible Church in Omaha, Nebraska), and Stephen Um (Citylife Presbyterian Church in Boston) discuss how they try to foster this kind of culture in their own churches and what evangelism looks like in their own ministry contexts. Watch as they consider how pastors can model evangelism from the pulpit, how a robust Christology affects the way we share our faith, how to salt normal life with gospel intentionality, and more.

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