Covetousness—the faithless desire to obtain what doesn’t belong to us—is something we all fight. In a world of Facebook and Pinterest, our neighbor’s lives become open books, making it easy to experience envy. Even Christians fall into the trap of believing they need something in addition to King Jesus to be truly happy in this life.

In this new 9-minute video, Melissa Kruger, author of The Envy of Eve: Finding Contentment in a Covetous World, talks with TGC’s Mark Mellinger about battling covetousness and cultivating contentment in the Christian life. Watch to learn how we can know when we’ve crossed the line from legitimately desiring an object to coveting it, what it looks like for believers to be content, why Christians face uniquely difficult areas of contentent, and more. Let Kruger also remind you that we always find our ultimate satisfaction in Christ, the one who met our biggest need on the cross.