Courtney Doctor teaches at TGCW21 on James 2:14-26, and carefully examines the true meaning of “faith apart from works is dead.”

Are we justified by faith alone or justified by works along with faith? In her keynote address, Courtney Doctor explains that true and living faith transforms us and changes what we do, creating the good works to which James calls us. We should not muster up these good works to be right with God. Instead, we can follow the four examples of living faith James gives us in his letter:

1. Living faith shows itself in active compassion.

2. Living faith shows itself in a deep love for God.

3. Living faith shows itself in radical obedience to God.

4. Living faith shows itself in full identification with all of God’s people.

If we can simply love and abide in Christ, our good works will be a response from our hearts rather than a striving towards salvation.