We sense that we’ve been created for more than this life. And yet, we feel that we’re living on borrowed time. How does the infinite inform the finite? If I’m living for eternity, how do I manage my day?

Jordan Raynor offers seven biblical principles for being purposeful, present, and wildly productive in his new book, Redeeming Your Time (WaterBrook). These principles include starting with the Word, eliminating all hurry, and prioritizing your “yes.” He frames the whole book in the gospel as managing our time the way Jesus managed his. Raynor writes:

For Christians, the key to being wildly productive is realizing that we don’t need to be productive. Once we realize that God accepts us no matter how many good things we do, we want to be productive for his agenda as a loving act of worship.

You’ll also learn in this book how to say no more often. He writes, “In order to do more, most of us need to do less and rest more.” The book—inspired by the likes of Kevin DeYoung, Tim Keller, and Jen Wilkin—mixes time-tested productivity tips with timeless biblical wisdom.

Jordan Raynor joins me on Gospelbound to discuss selective ignorance, inbox zero, and the connection between our priorities and posteriorities. We’ll also discuss his children’s book, The Creator in You (April 2022).