Acts 29: Churches Planting Churches

Theology is important for so many reasons . . .

  • It’s vital for our missional living, since an essential component of fulfilling the Great Commission involves teaching the nations.
  • It’s vital for the church, since everything we do is grounded in what we believe.
  • It’s vital for Christian living, since our theology determines our biography—that is, what we believe shapes how we live.

These things and more directly apply to church-planting pastors. We have the privilege of ministering the Word of God to the people we are reaching and those we are shepherding.

Our theological training is not for the purpose of winning Twitter arguments, but for maturing people into the image of Jesus. And it should also humble us, driving us to worship and prayer. Indeed, our theology must kindle in our hearts a deep love for God and neighbor. We don’t study theology to make the head fat, but the heart right.

To help us think about the importance of theological clarity in church planting, I’m excited to have Francisco Bendfeldt with me on the podcast today.

Listen to this episode of Churches Planting Churches.