Acts 29: Churches Planting Churches

When we hear about two churches merging to become one, we tend to think it’s due to something negative. Perhaps one or both is dying, and a merge keeps them alive. Or maybe a church has lost one of its pastors for some reason, so they merge with another church to find healthy leadership. At times, churches do merge for these types of reasons.

But how many church mergers have you heard about that come together for the sake of the lost—churches that merge in order to plant more churches? That’s what happened with two local churches in south Detroit.

To talk with us about how a church merger can advance the cause of the gospel, I’m excited to have my friend and fellow pastor, David Doran Jr., with me on the podcast today.

David is the lead pastor of Resurrection Church in Lincoln Park, Michigan. He is married to Abigail, and they have four children.

Listen to this episode of Churches Planting Churches.