Our Lives Reveal Our True Theology

Our real theological convictions leave footprints. What we really believe shows up in how we live. I’m convicted of complacency in this area as I examine my life. How can I confess they glorious truths then diminish (deny?) them in everyday life? 

I invite you to join me in a self-assessment. What do our lives tell us about what we really believe? In other words, what if our true theology is how we live? 

Here are some questions to think through.

Do you confess that God is omniscient and sovereign, but when a trial or tragedy comes, complain, worry, and talk like he is not?

Do you confess that all people are created in God’s image, yet at the same time, are you guilty of judging or belittling people based upon their ethnicity or gender? 

Do you confess that man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy him forever, yet you don’t prioritize giving, going, and sacrificing for the Great Commission?

Do you confess that God answers prayer while there are cobwebs in your prayer closet?

Do you confess that God is loving and good but complain, grumble, and bemoan your circumstances?

Do you confess that unbelievers are in bondage to sin yet still mock them in their depravity?

Do you confess that your Father is holy and requires it of you but continue to make provision for the flesh?

Do you confess that God’s Word is sufficient, powerful enough to equip and sanctify us, yet still skim it like a privacy disclosure form? 

Do you confess that Jesus is the only Savior yet rely upon other saviors to meet and satisfy your deepest needs (money, sex, honor, recreation, fitness, etc.)?

Do you confess that knowing God is “all of grace” yet deride those who disagree with you?

Do you confess that the church is the unique place where God meets with his people on the Lord’s Day yet still arrive for meetings dull and distracted?

Do you confess that this is not your home and your citizenship is in heaven, yet you still plant roots here, finding your identity in politics, a politician, or a flag? 

Do you more frequently read social media or the news than the Bible?

Do you confess that the preaching of the Word is indispensable for your growth, yet you’re carried away during sermons into a fantasy land? 

Do you confess that it is the gospel alone that saves sinners yet suffocate your unbelieving friends with the blanket of morality rather than the tonic of grace?

Do you confess that missions are essential but remain deaf and mute to those who are spiritually blind?

Theological confessions are important–I’d argue they are essential. But, it’s one thing to confess the truth on paper and quite another to apply it in life. As Christians, we work to conform our lives to the truths we confess. We are to be always reforming our lives to align with the truths of Scripture we confess. This is the work of sanctification. We are to be increasingly closing the gap between what we believe and how we live.

Life is short. Sin is deceptive. But, God with worthy, Christ is precious, and the Holy Spirit is powerful. May God help us continue evaluating ourselves, confessing our sins, petitioning for grace, and clinging to Christ.