The Author

Thomas S. Kidd is distinguished professor of history at Baylor University and the author of several books, including Patrick Henry: First Among Patriots (Basic, 2011), George Whitefield: America’s Spiritual Founding Father (Yale, 2014), Baptists in America: A History with Barry Hankins (Oxford, 2015), and Benjamin Franklin: The Religious Life of a Founding Father (Yale, 2017). You can follow him on Twitter.

Thomas’s Books

The Paradox of American Religion and American Secularism

If America plays a foundational role in your theology, your theology is historically aberrant. 

Jonathan Edwards on the True Meaning of ‘Spiritual’

Being “spiritual but not religious” has reached cliche status

How to Survive Graduate School

Many students never really adjust to the proper mentality

The New Thought Roots of the Prosperity Gospel

The prosperity gospel is dangerous precisely because it takes

The Two Main Things We Need from Leaders

Both principles and character should factor into our assessment