What Logical Inconsistency Should Shake an Atheist’s Confidence?

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Scott Oliphint explains that if human existence = chance + matter + time, then human theories of existence are a product of chance and are unreliable.

The following is a lightly edited transcript. Please check video before quoting.

I would say one of the main logical inconsistencies that atheists have to wrestle with, for example, is their own existence. How did they get to be a human being, and how did human beings come about?

If the answer to those questions is that we’re products of chance plus matter plus time, then there is no possible way that even their own view of themselves could be rational. Their own view of themselves, would itself be a product of chance, plus matter, plus time.

There is no possibility that some theory of who we are and how we got to be where we are could have any rational consistency if that theory itself is a product of chance.

So even as the atheist wants to say, “Here’s what I believe, and here’s what is true,” that very truth itself is a product of chance and therefore, is completely unreliable.