How to Find a Trusted Counselor

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We expect pastors to do it all. And they might excel in preaching, administration, and leadership while modeling godly character. But many of them find counseling to be particularly difficult. So if you need counseling your pastor doesn’t feel particularly gifted to give, how do you find some outside help?

David Powlison of the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation talks with Nancy Guthrie about what we should look for in a biblically sound counselor. He raises some red flags and suggests questions to ask of a counselor to learn how he or she explains the cause of our problems and their cures.

Powlison explains more in this next video about how the counseling community understands causality as a mix of genetic predispositions and personal history. Then he advocates for a particularly Christian approach to counseling that recognizes these factors outside our control but also probes for sin, so that we might repent and walk in newness of life with Christ.