How is Christianity Categorically Different from Every Other Religion?

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Scott Oliphint explains Christianity’s unique answer to humanity’s evident predicament.

I would say one of the main ways that Christianity is categorically different from every other religion is that Christianity alone says, “God saves sinners.” And what that means is that we have put ourselves into a predicament, the predicament of sin, which has affected and infected not only every single human being but has infected the entire world. Bible tells us that the whole creation groans because of our fall into sin.

What’s the solution to that? In almost every other religion, the solution to whatever problem they decide is there is that you work yourself out of it. You get yourself out of it either by being better, by being good, by being someone who’s acceptable. In Christianity alone, we say, “God alone can solve the problem that we brought into the world.”

This is what makes Christianity unique. God, through the Lord Jesus Christ, saves sinners.