Gospel Hope in a Searching World

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Rethink the Self

In our newest TGC Talk, Trevin Wax debunks the common wisdom that says you’re free to create, design, and define yourself. The world says look inward; Jesus says look upward.

Can Music Lead Someone to God?

In the newest installment of TGC Talks, Gavin Ortlund argues that music is not a distraction from reality but a window into reality—and that the atheist’s explanation for why it moves us emotionally is unsatisfying.

The Secular Longing

In the latest TGC Talk, Jeremy Treat observes how, in a secular society, our longing for God does not disappear. It just reappears in different forms.

In this video, council members Julius Kim, Kevin DeYoung, and David Platt share how The Gospel Coalition brings gospel hope to a searching world.

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