Front Row Seat: Walking with God

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As wives of pastors, how do we walk through a spiritually dry season yet still pour into the people God has placed in our lives? What do we do when we forget we’re first and foremost daughters of God before we’re pastor’s wives? And where can we go to find refreshment and joy when we become spiritually tired and in need of hope?

In this first episode of Front Row Seat, hosts Kristen Wetherell and Kari Olson talk with Joanna Kubiak about how to prioritize our own spiritual health and walk closely with God as we minister to our local church and run the race set before us.

Episode time stamps: 

  • Kristen’s spiritually dry season (00:00)
  • Introduction to Joanna Kubiak (2:50) 
  • Joanna and Tom Kubiak’s ministry life (5:10)
  • Characteristics of a woman walking with God (7:20)
  • A comfy chair and a tattered Bible (8:24)
  • The importance of God’s Word as our daily bread (10:43) 
  • Two ways to start walking with God daily (14:35) 
  • Joanna’s story of her own “spiritual depression” (17:15)
  • Questions to ask ourselves about ourselves (22:15)
  • Seasons of fruit and seasons of drought (25:00)
  • Confessing and sharing our struggles in a biblical way (26:14)
  • Who can we trust and tell? (32:45)
  • Encouragement for the pastor’s wife serving from an empty cup (36:20)
  • Holy coping devices (40:55)
  • 27 Pastors’ Wives Gatherings (46:10) 
  • Closing thoughts from Kristen and Kari (46:44)
Editors’ note: 

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