Front Row Seat: Supporting Our Husbands

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Being a pastor’s wife (or ministry leader’s wife) is a unique joy and blessing, and it also comes with unique challenges. Your husband’s calling as a pastor is to shepherd his own family, the church staff, and those God has sovereignly placed in his congregation—this is a high calling. With all our husbands walk through in their roles as pastors, sometimes it’s hard to know how we can provide a space of rest and reprieve from the work of ministry through our home, family, and marriage. We love our husbands and we want to support them, so how can we do this well, with the Lord’s help?

In this episode of Front Row Seat, Kristen Wetherell and Kari Olson invite Susan Yates—a pastor’s wife of more than 50 years—to discuss how pastors’ wives can support their husbands in ministry, marriage, and family life. You’ll be encouraged by this conversation, as it’s full of biblical and practical wisdom on loving your husband well and supporting him in ministry while prioritizing your own relationship with God.

Episode time stamps:

  • Kristen’s story of being a young pastor’s wife (00:00)
  • Introduction to Susan Yates (3:00)
  • Married to a man, not a profession (6:14)
  • “Tea Talk” and how it helped Susan and John (7:16)
  • Can you have marital conversations in front of the kids? (11:15)
  • Seek God’s kingdom first when supporting your husband (12:58)
  • Pray for your husband (14:02)
  • Celebrate his homecoming (17:29)
  • Spend intentional time together (20:33)
  • Protect your pastor’s day off (24:58)
  • How to guard against resentment (30:16)
  • “The marriage vitamin”—praising God for your husband (32:23)
  • How to encourage your husband in a difficult season (35:30)
  • The importance of physical intimacy (36:42)
  • Growing in marriage and growing in the Lord (42:38)
  • Final thoughts from Kristen and Kari (45:20)


Editors’ note: 

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