Did Jesus Preach the Gospel?

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We may believe in our hearts that Jesus preached the gospel, but sometimes Christians confess with our mouths a message of the good news that never actually draws on Jesus’ teaching. We frequently point to his work on the Cross but less often examine the content of his sermons.

We asked three TGC founders how they respond to the question of whether Jesus preached the gospel. In this video, you’ll see John Piper pose the question of why we so often read of the kingdom in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, but no so often in the Pauline epistles. And Tim Keller notes that Luke shows the greatest concern of the biblical writers for the outcasts of society, including women, the poor, and lepers. How, then, does this loving care relate to Paul’s focus on justification by faith alone?

Watch the video yourself to learn why Piper reads the Gospels backwards and sees the cross as a shadow cast over Luke’s entire narrative. And see Don Carson sketch the shape of the Gospel drama.

When you’ve finished watching, check out the Keller-recommended essay by Simon Gathercole on ”The Gospel of Paul and the Gospel of the Kingdom” in the book God’s Power to Save.