Christian theology is an outline of the truth revealed by God in Holy Scripture, which points us to the Persons and work of the Godhead.


Christian theology is not human speculation about the supernatural (as ancient Greek mythology was), but is the product of Christians needing to explain how God can be three Persons in one and how the second of these Persons could become a man without ceasing to be God. As such, Christian theology is primarily about God, but the word commonly includes the study of all truth revealed in Scripture. While humans are able to know some things about God through contemplating his works in creation, unaided by any special divine revelation, it is necessary for God to have revealed himself personally to us as the triune God of our redemption. We know this God today through his scriptural revelation, which is the only reliable and detailed source for our knowledge of God. Christian theology is therefore best understood as an outline of the truth revealed in Scripture that points us to the Persons and work of God.





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