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In Social Sanity in an Insta World, you’ll join nine authors as they explore social media’s potential and pitfalls—along with the biblical principles we need to honor the Lord online.

A lot of the advice we hear about how to use social media—don’t be mean, don’t humblebrag, share Bible verses—is good. But it also doesn’t feel like enough. Social media is a huge beast, and we need more than “set a timer” (as helpful as that can be) to help us navigate the world of social media in a gospel-centered way.

Pulling from TGC’s book Social Sanity in an Insta World, panelists Amy Gannett, Blair Linne, and Laura Wifler explore ways of using social media to the glory of God. They cover a wide range of ideas, from the big picture (figure out why you’re logging on) to the daily details (to re-ground yourself after scrolling, try concentrating on your five senses), all while offering encouragement to those who might be burned out on social media.