Matt Trexler is a seminarian with a regular ministry to students. He also candidly admits to struggling with same-sex attraction (SSA) while boldly refusing to let it define him.

In this latest episode of The Gospel Coalition podcast, Trexler shares his inspiring story of countering lifelong SSA with the life-giving freedom of the gospel. Helping Trexler tell his story and work through its implications is Sammy Rhodes, a Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) campus minister at the University of South Carolina, where Trexler worked as an intern.

Trexler and Rhodes discuss how wrong views of God can add to the struggles of those experiencing SSA, whether the church has a tendency to idolize marriage, and how God can provide intimacy for his people regardless of whether his plans for them include marriage. Trexler also talks about whether he’s closed the door on the possibility of marriage, and both outline helpful first steps that Christians with unwanted same-sex desires can take—as well as hurtful comments those ministering to them should avoid.

Click here to listen to the entire 27-minute interview.