“I believe we need to read, interpret, and preach Christ and his gospel from all the Scriptures.” –– Julius Kim

At TGC21, Julius Kim explains how to deliver a sermon with wisdom and grace for the growth of God’s kingdom.

Kim says that it’s critical to preach Christ through every passage, and he gives four specific ways to prepare a sermon, with key tips on how to preach it once prepared:

1. Discover the truth about the text according to the human author.

2. Discern Christ in the text according to the divine author.

3. Design a sermon according to truth, goodness, and beauty.

4. Deliver the sermon for maximum attention, retention, integration, and transformation.

Kim gives further tips like how to ask the right questions, how to pay attention to body language, and how to use patterns for retention of the message being proclaimed. The preacher must preach Christ, but ultimately, it’s up to the Spirit to transform.