Why You Need a Theological Vision for Ministry

What is truth? Pilate famously missed that he was standing before Truth himself when he asked Jesus that question 2,000 years ago. And ever since, much of the world continues to search in vain for truth apart from the way and life of Christ. We have a cultural crisis of truth. But as truth of the Bible produces wisdom in us, and we live in submission to God’s reality, we can point the world toward the Source of all truth.

The Gospel Coalition’s Theological Vision for Ministry was adopted by our Council in 2007. The first point addresses this “epistemological issue” in our culture today. It not only corrects wrong views of truth in the world but also pushes back on some mistaken notions in the church. The statement says that “Christian growth is not simply cognitive information transfer.” Yet sometimes that’s the discipleship plan our churches seem to convey in preaching and Bible studies. There’s balance to be found in seeing truth not only as something to be studied and taught but also as something to be obeyed. We are not only hearers of the Word but doers also (James 1:22).

For the first in a series of podcast conversations about our Theological Vision for Ministry, I talked with TGC president Don Carson. I asked him about our cultural crisis of truth and more generally about the role of theological vision in the church and TGC.

Listen to this episode of The Gospel Coalition Podcast.