What you hear the phrase women’s ministry, what comes to mind? Warm casseroles? References to Proverbs 31? A weekly program? Serious study of the Bible?

Women’s ministry isn’t merely some program with a start and stop time, Gloria Furman explains in a new roundtable video. It is an all-of-life commitment to doing spiritual good to fellow sisters in Christ.

Watch or listen as Furman sits down with Jen Wilkin and Kathleen Nielson to discuss the most encouraging things they see in women’s ministry today. “I’m energized to witness a renewed interest in the Word coupled with a renewed sense of authenticity in how it’s approached,” observes Wilkin, author of Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds (Crossway, 2014) [review].

“I love it when women want not only to dig deeper into Scripture themselves but to train others to do the same,” adds Nielson, director of women’s initiatives at TGC. And when the circumstances of life in a broken world drive us to despair, it’s thrilling to watch women hold their ground as they hope in God’s immovable Word. “When everything else has fallen away,” Furman says, “we have something firm to stand on.”