The story of Scripture ultimately culminates with all tribes, tongues, and nations—a multi-ethnic community of the redeemed—bowed before the Lamb in the new heavens and new earth. This is the same vision God calls the local church to support and advance here on earth.

In this new eight-minute roundtable, Kristie Anyabwile (pastor’s wife and frequent speaker at TGC events), Mary Willson (associate director of women’s initiatives for The Gospel Coalition), and Blair Linne (wife, mother, actress, and spoken word artist) consider the many ways women’s ministries, in particular, can help local churches fulfill such a vision. Anyabwile encourages us to invest in friendships with people different from us; Linne shares her own experience of how interacting with others helped break down unhealthy stereotypes, and Willson talks about the power of building empathy for one another around God’s Word.

In these ways and more, women in the church can reach across the racial divide and advance God’s vision for his bride. Watch (or listen) to learn what that might look like for you.