What if I told you that thinking more about your own death could be the key to growing now in faith, hope, and love? That’s the case Matt McCullough makes in his new book, Remember Death: The Surprising Path to Living Hope, published by Crossway with The Gospel Coalition.

McCullough earned a PhD at Vanderbilt University and serves as pastor of Trinity Church in Nashville, Tennessee, which he helped plant. You won’t find Matt on social media, but you’ll occasionally find him writing for the likes of 9Marks and TGC.

I had the privilege of editing this thought-provoking book, which Tom Schreiner has called “haunting, profound, and stirring.” Andrew Peterson calls it “a welcome conversation in a culture that doesn’t know how to think about mortality.”

Indeed, that’s why I was so excited about the book when Matt first pitched the idea to me. How can it be that all of us know some day we’ll die, and yet we don’t talk or think much about it? That can’t be a sign of health. If we’re going to die, then we need to know what comes next. And we need to live, think, and breathe right now in light of that fact. It’s best to know life is fleeting before it’s fled.

McCullough joined me on this episode to talk about death, hope, grief, and living in light of the end.