At TGC21, Michael Horton explained how we, as sinners, can take our sin to a holy God without fear because of our sympathetic High Priest, Jesus.

Horton takes Friedrich Nietzsche’s writing on “the ugliest man,” who claimed to kill God because he couldn’t bear to have someone know his dirtiest corners, and parallels it with how we can bring our dirtiest sins to the Father through Jesus, without shame. Using Hebrews 4, Horton shows how Jesus is a glorious High Priest, a sympathetic High Priest, and a gracious High Priest.

In the person of Christ, we have an advocate who can actually sympathize with us because he became like us, yet without sin. This is the greatest news of all—we can take our dirtiness to the Father, knowing we’ll be met with grace because the Son fully understands what it is to be human.