At TGCW22, Julius Kim delivered a powerful message on how King David’s sacrificial love toward Mephibosheth points us to the sacrificial love of God through Christ.

As Kim teaches on 2 Samuel 9, he explains that King David’s love for Mephibosheth mimics Christ’s love for us. Kim draws out four key acts in this passage:

1. David’s pursuit to show kindness

2. Mephibosheth’s plight

3. David’s promise to do no harm

4. Mephibosheth’s peace when being accepted by David

Just as David calls Mephibosheth by name, promises not to kill him, and restores his land, we see that Christ has also done the same for us. Although our plight left us stuck in sin with no hope, Jesus calls us by name and welcomes us into his royal family. Life is received, land is restored, and a table is reserved for us always.

Kim considers this passage an invitation to dine with the true King at his table for all eternity.

Editors’ note: 

Julius Kim is a keynote speaker at TGC’s 2023 Conference, “Hope in the Wilderness,” September 25–27, in Indianapolis. You can browse the complete list of topics and speakers. Register soon!