“At the end of the book of Revelation, we see that Jesus, the second Adam, will not fail to lead us into a garden that will be even better than Eden—where we will enjoy fellowship with him for all eternity. So, don’t be afraid of Revelation.”

Nancy Guthrie gives four common fears we may have when approaching the book of Revelation:

1. We fear that we’re not going to understand it and, if we’re teaching it, that we’ll get it wrong.

2. We fear the controversy that surrounds the book.

3. We fear the suffering and persecution Revelation tells us to expect.

4. We fear the judgment, blood, and wrath described in the book.

As Guthrie explains each fear, she also offers encouragement and wise, biblical help for reading the book of Revelation with joy. The central message of Revelation, according to Guthrie, is that we are called to patient endurance in suffering for our allegiance to Christ, and that we are called to refuse to compromise with the world as we wait for the return of our King.