David Platt knew something needed to change. He couldn’t see the things he saw in the Himalayas and return home the same man. His trip to the top of the world brought him face to face with the harshest physical and spiritual realities on earth. Children died of treatable diseases. Christians were stoned for their faith and tossed off mountain cliffs. Bodies were hacked to pieces and fed to animals. The trip taxed Platt physically, emotionally, and especially spiritually as he wondered, Where is God in all this tragedy and idolatry?

Platt writes about this trip and shares his journal reflections in a new book, Something Needs to Change: A Call to Make Your Life Count in a World of Urgent Need (Multnomah). You’ll see a lot of the same characteristic urgency and passion in this book that you saw in his bestselling book Radical. But you’ll see even more transparency. That transparency is evident in how he answered my question about the hardest teaching of Christianity to believe.

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