As Christ’s church continues to expand across the world, so does persecution.

In this episode of Gospelbound from TGCW22, I talk with K. A. Ellis and Kori Porter about how God’s people fight for faith when it can cost their lives. Through this discussion, learn how Christians can support the persecuted church in prayer and advocacy.

Questions include:

1. What first gave you a passion to advocate for the persecuted church?
2. Give us a historical Christian whose faith under persecution inspires you.
3. Are we wrong to fight for religious freedom when Jesus promised that we’d be persecuted if we follow him?
4. Which region or country worries you the most right now?
5. How has the global pandemic affected persecution around the world?
6. Does the seed of the martyrs grow the church?
7. Do you see any persecution of believers in Western countries?
8. I can pray for the persecuted church. What’s the next thing I should do?
9. What do you hope to accomplish for the persecuted church by the end of your career?
10. If you could travel anywhere right now to meet with persecuted believers, where would you go?