Acts 29: Churches Planting Churches

In pastoral ministry, we can easily overemphasize confidence, charisma, and skill. And if this is true in pastoral ministry, it’s all the more true in church planting. As we train and assess planters, it’s easy for us to place an unhealthy emphasis on a person’s “competence.”

Let’s be clear: These things aren’t meaningless. They have value. But Christian maturity—that is, growing in Christlikeness—is infinitely more valuable than how much you know or how impressive your skill set. It is ultimately about being rooted and established in Jesus. As we plant and lead churches, then, we must be men marked by maturity. After all, we can’t lead others into maturity in Christ if we ourselves aren’t maturing in Christ. So how do we do this in church planting?

Today, I’m excited to have Jeff Medders with me on the podcast to discuss these things.

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