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Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Brandon Vogt – Visiting G. K. Chesterton, C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, and John Henry Newman: An England PilgrimageA couple years ago, I visited the homes and graves of Lewis and Chesterton (see here and here). Brandon Vogt got even more access to amazing things at even more locations. See his pictures and comments from his recent sojourn on the magical island.

2. David Segal – Can Britain’s Top Bookseller Save Barnes and Noble? Daunt’s leadership brought results for Waterstones. Let’s hope it does the same for B&N. 

3. Eve Tushnet – A Justified ConfessionsYet another translation of Confessions?! I’ve still got Peter Constantine’s recent one on my desk to be read. Eve makes a good case for reading this one from Thomas Williams, comparing and contrasting it with Sarah Ruden’s translation (which was my Favorite Read of 2017). 

4. Rhyne Putman – Sola Scriptura and Christian CharitySola Scriptura is not a denial of the value of other sources for Christian knowledge (especially regarding things related to the world created by God). It is a statement that all those other sources must be measured by the only revealed standard, which is the Bible.

5. Sam Luce – Why I Don’t Tell My Kids They Can Be Anything They Want to BeFreedom is the byproduct of constraint. Raw unabashed freedom always produces license.

6. Daniel Strange – Never Say the Phones Are QuietSecular people can be superstitious, too. What’s going on with that?

7. Elizabeth Corey – Against Campus ActivismPolitical activism stands in tension with the traditional idea of liberal learning as a process in which students are not merely affirmed in their views but called upon to question them and to wrestle with and understand opposing views.