By Thanksgiving, radio stations will be playing Christmas music non-stop. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, our culture is immersed in the “Christmas season.”

Easter has a season, too. It doesn’t precede Easter but follows it. Traditionally, it’s the time between Easter and Pentecost (50 days).

Though every Sunday is a celebration of Christ’s resurrection, this time of year provides ample opportunity to give laser-like attention to the resurrection that empowers our Christian life.

Why do we spend a month to listening to Christmas music, but only a Sunday singing Easter music?

You might be wondering, What is Easter music? Is there such a thing? Sure! And the good news is, unlike Christmas, you don’t have to wade through all the “secular” tunes about the season. (Unless you just happen to be a fan of “Here Comes Peter Cottontail.”)

I’ve got an Easter playlist on my iPhone, and I’ll be listening to resurrection songs all through Eastertide. Don’t let the Easter season pass by. Below are some tracks to get you started.

If you have other recommendations, leave them in the comments below. I’m ready to add new songs to the playlist. Christ has risen!

My Easter Season Playlist

1. Christ Is Risen – Matt Maher

2. See, What a Morning – Keith & Kristyn Getty

3. All Things New – Andrew Peterson

4. In resurrectione tua – Taize

5. Easter Song – Keith Green

6. Redeemer – Nicole C. Mullen

7. Come, People of the Risen King – Keith & Kristyn Getty

8. Mystery (Feat. Charlie Hall) – Passion

9. Beneath the Waters (I Will Rise) [Live] – Hillsong

10. Christ The Lord Is Risen Today – Hymns Triumphant

11. I Know That My Redeemer Liveth – Steve Green

12. Before The Throne Of God Above – Selah

13. Christ Is Risen, He Is Risen Indeed – Keith & Kristyn Getty

14. Christus Resurrexit – Taize

15. Jesus Lives – Sovereign Grace Music

16. I Will Rise – Chris Tomlin

17. The Trumpet Shall Sound – 4Him

18. For This Purpose – Graham Kendrick

19. Low In The Grave He Lay – The Hymn Makers

20. In Christ Alone (My Hope Is Found) – Adrienne Liesching & Geoff Moore

Share some of your favorites in the comments below. I’m interesting in adding more music to my Easter 2013 Playlist.