I don’t usually write out a full manuscript for my sermons, but I did for my T4G talk on the goodness of God. I figured many people wouldn’t be able to attend the (virtual) event live, and others might benefit from reading the manuscript on the back end. I’ve posted a link to the 10-page lecture/sermon below.

The outline looks like this:

Exegesis – Exodus 33:19

I. The nature of God’s goodness: necessary, voluntary, communicative

II. Objections to God’s goodness: inequality, retribution, suffering

III. The display of God’s goodness: creation, providence, redemption

IV. Our response to God’s goodness: supplicate, imitate, meditate

Want to read the whole thing? Here is my message: The Never-Failing, Never-Changing, All-Surpassing Goodness of God.