Why Should Someone Believe Jesus Is God?

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In this video, Rebecca McLaughlin urges us to wrestle seriously with the claims of Jesus and their implications regarding his deity.

Last Thursday morning, I discovered that somebody had logged into my email account and checked the flight that I was on. What’s more, he’d climbed into my bed at night while I was asleep, and he’d made decisions about my children without consulting me. Who does this guy think he is? He is the only man in the world who has the right to do these things, because he is my husband.

As we read about Jesus in the Gospels, he makes outrageous claims. He claims he is the resurrection and the life. He claims he is the light of the world. He claims he has the authority to forgive sins and the power to raise the dead.

The man who climbs into my bed while I’m sleeping is either my husband or a terrible imposter. The Jesus of the Gospels is either God in the flesh or a terrible imposter. There is no middle ground.