Why Is “Follow Your Heart” a Bad Philosophy?

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In this video, Russell Moore explains the danger of following the self-destructive tendencies of our own hearts and the joy that comes in following Jesus instead.

Culture will tell us, “Follow your heart.” And in some ways, that’s true in the sense that God has embedded within us certain longings that are real for love, for community, for home.

But “Follow your heart” really is bad counsel and bad advice for people like us whose hearts have been damaged by the fall. And so, there’s a real sense in which our own hearts are a mystery to us. It’s difficult for us even to read our own motives and to even understand where our longings actually are pointing us. And they tend to point us often in self-destructive places.

So what I would say is: don’t follow your heart. Follow Jesus. And as you follow Jesus, he is going to redefine the longings of your heart.