When ‘What If’ Becomes ‘What Is’

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We are Acts 29, and so . . .

We want to see churches planted.

We want to see them planted in all kinds of places for all people in all situations and circumstances.

We want to serve those who plant. We want to resource those who plant.

We want to help the seed become established.

But . . .

What if we got to water it, nurture it and watch with bated breath as the Lord provides the growth?

What if the darkness was invaded and gospel bridgeheads established which penetrated deep into enemy terrain?

What if we sank wells?

What if we raised children, fed families, gave hope, showed joy, displayed love and watched as light was dispersed as far as the eye of faith could see?

What if all this happened as churches were being planted among the whoever, wherever, and whenever?

What if we got to see the unthinkable not only thought, but done?

What if we saw the unbelievable not merely believed, but performed?

What if the earth blossomed and bloomed with gospel fruit as Eden was re-established wherever Christ’s name was proclaimed?

What if disciples were made, as sinners were made into disciples?

What if we got to see singles placed in families and the homeless find a place of refuge?

What if we got to witness the hungry enjoy a banquet of grace at the table of the blessed and the thirsty guzzle at the fountain of God’s free mercy?

What if the sovereign Lord established a people for himself in the nooks and crannies of every community?

What if he revealed his glory to them and displayed his glory through them?

What if new churches were built in every existing city on earth?

What if there were cities without walls into which the guilty run to find refuge from the avenger and find forgiveness for their sins?

What if there were cities without exploitation in which no poor could be found for there was sweet and generous equality?

What if these cities were places where the aged could walk without fear and the young embraced without suspicion?

Wouldn’t these be cities set on a hill, as we shone like stars in the universe?

What if we knew nothing of geographical boundaries and cared even less about national pride?

What if we heeded afresh the directives of our King and went to the nations?

What if we laid our lives on the line and placed all of our resources at his disposal?

What if we took our time, our money, our homes, our affections and invested them into the kingdom of God?

Wouldn’t there be such an eternal return on that investment, that it would fuel our joy for a million years?

* * * * * * *

Wouldn’t it be sweet to savor those what if’s becoming a delectable what is to the glory of God?

The truth is, we are seeing churches planted—planted in all kinds of places among all kinds of people in all circumstances and situations. We are serving those who plant and we’re resourcing them, too.

We are Acts 29.

This is our opportunity. This is our God-gifted moment. This is our privilege, and this is our joy.