Melissa Kruger on Discipling Teenagers

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Matthew’s Genealogy Like You’ve Never Heard It Before

In this video performance from The Gospel Coalition’s ‘Songs of Hope’ Advent concert (which premiered Dec. 6, 2020), Poor Bishop Hooper performs their song “Christ”—a beautiful take on the genealogy of Jesus recorded in Matthew’s Gospel (1:1–17). The song is from Poor Bishop Hooper’s Advent project, Firstborn, which includes music, illustrations, videos, and writing—including a 48-page study on the lineage of Jesus. Why is the genealogy in Matthew’s Gospel important? Here’s what Tim Keller said in a 2016 interview with TGC: Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus does a lot of work. First, it roots Jesus in history. The gospel doesn’t begin...

In this video, Melissa Kruger shares several important insights on discipling teenagers that relate to the mission of parenting, expectations of our children, how we invest our time, the ways we build meaningful relationships, how we respond to their suffering, and how our identity in Christ can be compelling to our teenagers. You can can also listen to this workshop from Kruger and Jen Wilkin, “Your Teenager Needs Discipleship.”

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